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Handling Reactions towards Your Safety & Health Portfolio

Everyone has their own critic. Open up YouTube and you can read all the hateful comments towards a lot of videos. If you believe in God, even this All-Powerful Being has critics. If you believe in Science, even science has its critics. So, as you put your portfolio out there, be ready for criticisms. The key is to ignore these noise. Here are some ways to handle the reactions towards your online safety and health portfolio:

Have an Open Mind

Give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the other person is challenged by the idea you put forth. Perhaps the commenter has done something similar in the past but saw his efforts burn in flames.

If the criticism is constructive in nature, i.e. sheds a light on an unexplored path, use it to your advantage. For the criticisms that purely criticise and call you names, just delete it off.

Having an open mind also means that you must be aware of your own limitations. There could be an error in reasoning due to insufficient or lack of information. If you made a mistake, then admit it and repair the mistake.

Convert Failure into Feedback

Your ability to turn your failures and mistakes into feedback is vital to your long term success. The road to success, as someone once said, is filled with failures.

Many recite the mantra: you either win or lose. I denounce that mantra and replace it with this: you either learn or lose.

Keeping your open mind, find out where it went wrong. Never do it to blame, but do it to repair. Blaming, complaining, cursing, fuming etc. merely drains you emotionally and your energy. It’s easy to slip into the victim mode and do nothing.

Reply after Cooling Down

If you intend to reply to a criticism, never do it while your blood is boiling! Yes, you have the right to give her the piece of your mind, but it doesn’t mean you need to. You never know if that other person can benefit you.

And even if the other person doesn’t benefit you, it wont mean anything if you’ve flamed the person on the Internet. It merely reveals your inability to cope with criticism and ability to be (emotionally) manipulated.

Compile an Action Plan

Use the feedback you get from your safety and health portfolio as a blueprint for an action plan.

What action plan?

The action plan that’s going to take your from where you are to where you want to be. That action plan. If someone recommends that you contact another, why not? Just take action.

It’s so easy to turn seconds into minutes, minutes into hours and hours into days. So easy and effortless that you don’t need to do anything! But for someone who took action, you’ll be eating the dust of his trails.

As they say, the road to Hell is filled with good intentions. Intentions alone cannot give rise to results – it’s your action or inaction.

Ensure that whatever your action may be, it gets you closer and closer to your goal. It’s pointless to allow yourself to deviate from that goal – unless it’s a new goal.

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