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Introducing the Human Body

You have to admit, the human body is one amazing coordination and combination of systems! Despite how amazing your body is, it’s sad that chances are you barely know of it. As an aspiring, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) practitioner, you should at least have the basic idea of what, where and how of the body. After all, if we take a stroll into the future, you’ll be responsible for the health and safety of a segment, if not the whole, workforce!

To start off, here are the fundamental systems in the human body:

  • Skeletal system – your skeleton;
  • Digestive system – how your body processes food;
  • Muscular system – your muscles;
  • Lymphatic system – the collection of lymph and tissues;
  • Endocrine system – How your body keeps you healthy;
  • Nervous system – how your body gathers information;
  • Cardiovascular/Circulatory system – how your body transports gases, water, foodstuff and waste;
  • Reproductive system – how your body creates new life;
  • Urinary system – how your body eliminates waste;
  • Respiratory system – how you inhale and exhale and what happens when you do;
  • Excretory system
  • Endocannabinoid system
  • Integumentary system – skin, hair and nails
  • Vestibular system – your balance and spatial orientation.

The reality is most – if not all – your systems run in autonomic fashion. Meaning you or the worker does not need to consciously control each system. No wonder we are guilty of neglecting and abusing it at times. 😉

An exam or presentation tip: present what you know. Avoid mentioning systems or terms which you are uncertain of. The last scenario you want is you unable to answer questions about what you just mentioned!

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